July 27, 2013

Quick and Easy Tiki Heads

These quick and easy tiki cookies were inspired by ribbon purchased at a local craft store. A standard batch of dough was divided into four sections and colored prior to rolling, cutting, baking making these super easy to decorate. Bonus easy bit: you don't need cookie cutters to make these. After rolling out the dough I simply used a pizza cutter to cut vertical and horizontal lines at various angles to create the random tiki head shapes and used a paring knife to round out some of the edges. I ended up with little scraps left over of each of the different colored doughs so I gently pressed the scraps together to form a ball and rolled out again to create the marbled effect (you can see this effect best on the big pink tiki head). The biggest time saver of all was only having to make a small batch of white royal icing!

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