August 18, 2014

New Flavors In The Shop!

You now have a flavor choice when it comes to your custom decorated cookies! I'm excited to share with you two new flavor offerings: Red Velvet/Cream Cheese and Mint Chocolate/Mint. These are tried and true flavor combinations in the cake and cupcake world and I wanted to incorporate these trusted combos into our menu. Don't be shy about the icing colors. The icing on these flavors can be colored to whatever your heart desires.

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Royal Icing

The Red Velvet cookies are amazingly moist and buttermilk-chocolaty. The snappy bite of the cream cheese flavored royal icing is a nice contrast to the moist crumbling cookie.

Mint Chocolate cookies with Mint Royal Icing
The Mint Chocolate cookies are chocolaty rich with a satisfying note of peppermint. The minty royal icing has a little al dente bite that softly cools the palette.

We are selling gift boxes of these cuties in our shop right now. The gift boxes are also a great way to test-drive the flavors if you are not sure which flavor to choose for your next custom decorated set. Soon we will be offering sampler boxes with several flavor varieties in one box.

We hope you love them! Stay tuned, we have new flavors coming soon!

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