February 16, 2011

Go Red for Women Cookies

Trav's office held a bake sale as part of their fundraising efforts for the American Heart Association Heart Walk - Phoenix 2011. When he asked me if I was interested in making some cookies for the bake sale, I said "heck yes!". I thought it would be fitting to try to make cookies that looked similar to the pretty little "Go Red for Women" dress icon.

There was no time to search for the right cutter, so I traced some dresses on card stock and cut them out to use as templates.
I laid out the templates on dough that had been pre-rolled and frozen, traced the templates with a clay knife, and then cut through the dough with a sharp paring knife.

I wish I had used more red gel color. These are too pink. Still learnin'.

Adding a little red cake glitter helped convey what the true hue should be! Plus who wouldn't want a sparkly pink and red dress?

Off to the bake sale they go!



  1. UNBELEIVABLY ADOROABLE COOKIES! What a great job on the stencil. Wish I could have one right now.

  2. Those are so cute! You did an amazing job with the stencil!

  3. Very nice. So clever to do the cut out.


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