April 25, 2011


This post is a tad belated but I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Photo by Back Country Belle
I spent Easter Sunday with my extended family up in northern Arizona. We soaked up the Arizona sun while the freshly adorned Cottonwood trees "swooshed" in the breeze around us.We ate, we laughed, and ate some more. Our daughters decorated eggs and then painted their nails. Who knew one led to the other?

Guess what? My sister is a blogger! And she saved my blogging booty. I'll explain how in a moment. But first, let me introduce you. Meet Back Country Belle. Miss Belle paints a pretty picture of our Easter day on her blog here: Easter Happenings. She has a few stories to tell and the most beautiful photographs to show you. Stop by, she will make you smile, I promise.

Are you wondering where the cookie part of this post is yet? Well, remember when I said Miss Belle saved my booty? I made Easter cookies to share with the family. I spent a good chunk of my day on Saturday decorating the cookies. I took many pictures of the cookies. I LOST the pictures when I attempted to upload them to Picassa. Totally my fault, well except for my lame-o laptop that cannot multi-task. I will never-ever-ever use the "delete after upload" setting AGAIN. Nevvverrr. Enter my sis, her blogging mind and camera were at-the-ready yesterday. She captured some lover-ly shots of my cookies! She shared some with me so that I may share some with you. My hero!

Photo by Back Country Belle

Photo by Back Country Belle
I need to gush a teeny bit more. One of my cookier idols, Sweet Sugar Belle, posted this Twenty Second Rule last week. I have been having some trouble with making piping and flood-consistency royal icing. I have been wondering if I could make RI an "in-between" consistency. Sugar Belle's tutorial post could not have been timed more perfectly! This icing method is alot more forgiving for a beginner like me. Thank you Sugar Belle, you inspire me!

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  1. Ahh thank you for the sisterly gushing! Your cookies are amazing!


  2. Your Easter cookies are really very nice. I made some Easter cookies as well. I hope you like them too: http://www.dreamofcakes.net/2011/04/easter-cookies.html


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