May 2, 2011

More Tennis Team Cookie Favors

High school spring sports are wrapping up. Summer is right around the corner. (Trav and I had better get the trailer dusted off and at the ready for us to escape the valley heat!) Anyway, back to sports. I had the pleasure of making some more girls' tennis team cookies for a local high school banquet.

I did more hand cutting with this batch since I wanted to match the font of the school's "H". The H's remind me of the letters on a Letterman's jacket. And um, I still don't own a tennis racket cutter, crud.

Paw prints were included to pay homage to the mascot, a Husky. Guess what? I have a paw print cookie cutter, yesss!

I love the way the cookies look when they are packaged, glossy and ready to share. Actually, if I'm honest, the glossy packaging hides any minor imperfections! shh...

These were fun to make. I think I get more confident with each batch. The only drawback to this hobby is the sheer amount of time it takes to complete a batch from start-to-finish. Sometimes it takes DAYS. It would be a challenge to "bake-on-a-whim". Which by the way I did-last weekend-by request of my sweet SIL...I'll post about it soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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