June 13, 2011

A Girl and Her Shoes

  These cookies were a gift for a young lady who has just graduated high school. Her mom had many great ideas for a cookie platter for her. We could have easily made 50 different cookies to celebrate her kiddo. We were running short on time and decided to go with a simple shoe theme.
Toe shoes to celebrate her many years of dancing.

High heels to celebrate her girly-girl nature.

The girly-girl actually has a red guitar and red boots!
Confession time:
#1- I stink at piping. I will keep practicing, I promise.
#2 -I know there are 6 strings on a guitar. I know this since there are exactly 4 guitars and 1 bass guitar residing in my home. One has every right to question my knowledge about guitars since I put 8 tuners and 3 strings on these guitar cookies. I have no idea how I could have put 6 strings on these guitars (see confession #1) As for the tuners; sometimes my brain takes a vacation without advanced notice. 

As I stressed about these inaccurate details, my hubs, again, imparted words of wisdom. "Do you think people will not want to eat these cookies because they are missing a few strings?" Hmm, good point as long as they eat the guitars first and don't take any pictures of them and post them on the internet. Oh wait...

Thank you for stopping by!

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