August 29, 2011

Daisies and Bees

Wheew! I have not felt much like hanging out near my oven since the temps here have been in the 100's. I wish I could harness the heat from outside and use it in my oven. I have a ton of creative energy that needs to be put to use very soon. Come on Fall!

These daisy and bee cookies were for a baby shower. It was requested that I use the palest of pale of yellow and gray. No black. The ladies attending the shower and consuming the treats were all going to work directly after the shower. So the "no black" idea was to avoid the ladies walking around with black teeth {which happens when you consume black icing!}. My first thought was, "uh-oh, how do I make a bee without using black?" I immediately started searching the web for bee inspiration and noticed that the yellow/gray combination is a popular trend these days. I then felt a little more comfortable just "going with it". The result -whaalaaah - trendy bees.

I wonder if any of you might recognize where the little base I used to stick the cookies in comes from. My sister in law works for a major craft store that uses these little bases to display pinwheels. They don't sell these bases{they should}. This base was rescued from the garbage! Oh wait, don't worry! It never actually touched the garbage, that would be gross. More gross than black teeth.

Next up in the queue:
250 mini's!

Thanks for stopping by~
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