September 12, 2011

Health Fair Cookies

Cookies laden with butter are probably the last thing you think of when it comes to {Health and Wellness}. However I put together a batch of MINI decorated cookies that related to a Health and Wellness theme. The idea being that things like cookies are OK, in moderation.

My hope is that these silly cookies make you giggle. There may be a bit of a gross-out factor on one in particular. I am curious to see if you think so too...

Brush 'em!

Yup, that is real floss.

Ok, real floss inserted here. What do you think? Gross or kitschy? These were the last ones to get eaten so it looks like the floss helped with that whole moderation thing.

It is all in good silly fun.

Oh, and in case you are wondering. I squished a Wilton mini flower cutter to cut the smiles and pillows. The squishing was inspired by the amazing Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle. See this cool post by SugarBelle in which she calls it {Squoosh-ing}.

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  1. You have a very creative mind. The assorted cookies all send very good messages of health and wellness.

    The teeth flossing...honestly, I laughed with an Ewwww! I think because the floss is real is what made me Ewwww, that and the fact that it's threaded between the two front teeth. No doubt the message got through loud and clear! LOL

  2. The teeth are hilarious! You have a great imagination! I wish I liked my dentist enough to make them cookies!!!!

  3. You are ROCKING the minis! What a great set!


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