March 16, 2011

Softball Team Cookies

Kiddo is on the high school softball team. She is lucky # 13 by the way. Some people would scoff and get all skeerd if their kid was #13. Not me. I laugh in the face of silly superstitions. We even camp in the Superstitions see Trailer Post Mwaah ha ha. Anyhow...our day to provide snacks for the girls is fast approaching. Another great reason to make cookies!

Kiddo's jersey was my reference.
I wish the school had different colors...what do you think?

I cut out C's and V's and baked them together.


I was thinking the softballs would be the easiest to decorate. Um. no. More than a few looked pretty wonky. I need {a lot} more practice piping let alone practice piping a circle. Although I could blame it on my coffee consumption. Um no. I will practice. No more wonky balls. har har.

One of the cool lessons I am learning is that no matter the imperfections, cookies make people happy. Or at least they act that way to my face. hmm. Well, it makes me happy.



  1. Wow you did such a great job! You are so creative, I need a lesson from you. kiddo will be very proud when you present those at the next game!

  2. Your very good at those you should sell those to the book store and youll make millions


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